Everything is conversation

So everything at the moment is conversational development with Sofia. Despite her continued sleep issues and waking up in our bed come morning she is otherwise all about the chat. Conversation is broken but you can have it now. Em commented on how she had a phone conversation with her on what she’d had for […]


One of the things we have seemingly managed to teach Sofia is some level of manners. We were even told that by nursery last night. Despite her being also possessive and stubborn, traits of a 2 year old, she also uses “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”. At nursery yesterday she managed to draw first on […]

Skills at 9 months

9 months, well it’s really been 18 of Sofia being in our lives, if you count the pregnancy. A lifetime but no time. This month has seen her develop a number of new behaviours which keep us amused. The bear growl is the main addition, this is the start of her rebelling against her parents as […]

There are days… 

As we cross over in to a New Year have we also crossed in to a different phase with Sofia, these last few days have actually been quite tough. We’ve been told we have a unicorn baby, the perfect baby who does everything perfectly including sleeping. This is rapidly changing.  We have moved her in […]

First Christmas

This is likely the only year that she won’t really know or be in to Christmas. That hasn’t stopped her ripping at Christmas present paper and generally being over stimulated. She has also been spoilt rotten by the granparents a theme that I am sure will continue. It is also a reminder to open up […]