World Cup

When the next World Cup happens Sofia will nearly be 6! That’s mental! So for now she shouts “daddy’s football” or “daddy’s Beebies”. She isn’t a fan yet as this is often followed by “Bing”. She will ask to play “football daddy” when she gets her ball outside. So England started with a win and […]

Blame the grandparents Amazon Alexa rules

So this is this modern society. We were playing songs on our Google Home, only for Sofia at the end to shout out “Alexa” and the song she wanted. “No Sofia it is Hey Google”. Sofia, “Alexa”. “No Sofia, it’s Hey Google”. Alexa is the grandparents, a weekend away and Sofia’s brand loyalty is now […]


I have decided to grow a beard in honour of the 9 months.  This is a late thought but feel i need to contribute something to the pregnancy growth.   I seem to remember my dad when I was young going through the same phase but this might just have been the seventies.  So it […]

Never Thinking

Have I given a great deal of thought about being dad? No, not really, more thinking of trying not to be a dad.  There are many good reasons not to be a dad, it costs money, it ruins your freedom – no late night partying and planning becomes a must, it ties you down – […]