Mothers Day 

Sofia survived her first Mother’s Day just with a badge of must try harder next year B+. It started with her making mummy get breakfast and a bottle. She felt this was recompense for earlier that week having her feet dipped in paint and splashed on a bit of coloured paper with ‘I love mummy’ […]

One Night Away

It’s been nearly 8 months now and we’ve been out together on our own maybe 3-4 times but never for a whole day and night. This weekend we managed to get away for a overnight in London. It’s difficult leaving Sofia for a night but she was in capable hands of granny and grandad.  She […]

7 months and now crawling

Sofia is 7 months! It is also spring! It is also now only 3 months till I take 2 months off work! Christ it’s nearly summer. Before then we need to move house, go on holiday and generally be busy!  So what’s new with Sofia!? Well she is crawling, she has quickly developed moving from […]