Skills at 9 months

9 months, well it’s really been 18 of Sofia being in our lives, if you count the pregnancy. A lifetime but no time. This month has seen her develop a number of new behaviours which keep us amused. The bear growl is the main addition, this is the start of her rebelling against her parents as […]

Moving House 

There is a time when things end and there is a new beginning. Moving House is something I never really planned to do, it’s just happened but for all the right reasons. I’ve lived in the same place now for 13 years and looking back it’s incredible how things have changed over that time, working […]

Mothers Day 

Sofia survived her first Mother’s Day just with a badge of must try harder next year B+. It started with her making mummy get breakfast and a bottle. She felt this was recompense for earlier that week having her feet dipped in paint and splashed on a bit of coloured paper with ‘I love mummy’ […]

One Night Away

It’s been nearly 8 months now and we’ve been out together on our own maybe 3-4 times but never for a whole day and night. This weekend we managed to get away for a overnight in London. It’s difficult leaving Sofia for a night but she was in capable hands of granny and grandad.  She […]

7 months and now crawling

Sofia is 7 months! It is also spring! It is also now only 3 months till I take 2 months off work! Christ it’s nearly summer. Before then we need to move house, go on holiday and generally be busy!  So what’s new with Sofia!? Well she is crawling, she has quickly developed moving from […]

Waiting to crawl

So the continued wait for Sofia to crawl off is highlighted by this time lapse video of her in the lounge. It won’t be long.  The journey so far as been the following steps Raising of the head and top part of her body from the floor using her arms, she has been doing this […]

Hours Off

There isn’t much time off being a dad. You might say work is that but you are not switched off and left to your own devices, in fact in many ways getting home and being with Sofia is a break from that and allows you to switch off with the most taxing decision being what […]

Baby Cinema

Another day and missing out.  I get alot of updates from Em during the day.  At the moment it is usually food spread over Sofia’s face as she learns to eat solids.  However the one thing i am looking forwards to when on my two months off is the variety of classes and also the […]

There are days… 

As we cross over in to a New Year have we also crossed in to a different phase with Sofia, these last few days have actually been quite tough. We’ve been told we have a unicorn baby, the perfect baby who does everything perfectly including sleeping. This is rapidly changing.  We have moved her in […]

First Christmas

This is likely the only year that she won’t really know or be in to Christmas. That hasn’t stopped her ripping at Christmas present paper and generally being over stimulated. She has also been spoilt rotten by the granparents a theme that I am sure will continue. It is also a reminder to open up […]

NCT Christmas

So NCT pals for Em has been a godsend and Hitchin is a hive of things to do from baby Pilates through to baby sensory. As everyone is local it tends to become a thing that everyone does together, followed by coffee and a chat. Often it is like coming home from school with baby […]