Grey Bunny Lost at Sea

I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe….

I am sure those would be the Bunny’s words when recollecting his time with Sofia. We sadly lost Grey Bunny while out on a trip to the beach at Durdle Door this week. He has been with Sofia two years and grown up with her. Losing Bunny is those memories not losing Bunny himself. I am sure he is off adventuring somewhere with a new family.

Bunny joined the family via our Spanish godparents, when Sofia was one and was there to support Sofia when we couldn’t. Whether that be overnight when we are not there, or at nursery when we are at work, or when she is off at friends or family and takes him with her. Bunny has been part of life events. He even gained a name from nowhere “Bunster” and the classic name for all grey bunnies “Grey bunny”.

He has also had to endure endless tea parties, nappy changes and being thrown about. He has always done this in good faith and also been part of bedtime with stories being created around his adventures, he was the naughty, cheeky bunny who flew a plane round the world and drove Sofia off on adventures and made her carrots in bed for breakfast.

The personality of the bunny is one you create, so much of this cheekiness came from bunny acting out around Sofia. Whether that be making her laugh, playing games such as hide n seek, Bunny starts to come to life with the persona you create for it. That’s why it is now missed. Some of Sofia’s first sentences were “what you doing bunny”, “where are you going”, “no Bunny that’s naughty”.

There is another…

There are luckily two bunnies, otherwise the loss of one might be more heartfelt. It’s funny that I miss bunny more than Sofia does at the moment, to the extent that I drove back to the beach to go for a run and hunt for the bunny. She still has “Purple Flop”. Those two bunnies have been interchangeable and have both shared her growing up. So far, we are still away, she hasn’t noticed, maybe she will when home.

So bye bye Grey Bunny, you were part of the Sofia family. Hope you are off having adventures somewhere…

Finding a lost bunny

We tried to find our bunny but with no luck, we did find another bunny but not her one.

1. Twitter the locations you were last at. A lost bunny tugs at the heart strings

2. Facebook the locations and post a lost public post of your bunny at them and any locals groups.

3. Phone the local places you left bunny at.

4. There is a App where you can upload lost bears but we didn’t try that in the end.

5. Hope, I am not sure what the bunny return rate is.


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