Game of Poops

Game of Thrones has started its final series run and at the same time we have decided to potty rain Sofia, a task probably as scary as facing the Night King. She is well on her way to 3 now, can we leave winter behind and move in to spring? Armed with a small army of pants and several potties dotted around the house we enter battle.

So far it seems more Jeckel and Hyde than Game of Thrones. We managed it over a weekend using one of Ems days off. The first time she sat on a potty and did a wee resulted in a loud shout if did it and a smile. “I did it” came the call. We were off to a successful start. Going for a wee has been relatively easy. There have been accidents, usually when she is playing and getting distracted from the need for a wee. Even when she remembers there have been times when I’ve got my angles wrong and she has wet me and herself. A wee has been a walk in the park and spring is here. We’ve even been on a 3 hour car journey with no accidents.

A poop though is a challenge! A frost descends every few days as the poop builds within. She turns from “please” and “thankyou” to “I don’t want to”, “I will do it” and general tantrums every time you speak to her. There is no reasoning and it is as if night has permanently descended. You cannot reason with her at this point. Eventually though it comes! After continual suggestion of the potty and a poop, she relents and sits on the potty. Suddenly she is back. Happiness returns and a little chatty girl emerges. She will do what you ask, she is calm and there is no sign of the Winter King within.

We just need to break this poo wall and then the night nappy, then get the toilet in use. We are then done.


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