40th Birthday Fun

We need to employ one of Sofia’s cousins full time at home. We have a sleeping child who at 8am isn’t awake yet. This is all down to her partying away at my brothers 40th birthday last night.

I am definitely not one for the dance floor but this little one spent most of the night and the car journey to the venue moving to the beat. This started off with Disco, I’m in Love and ended with some House beats. We spent most of our parental time nursing a gin and tonic and chasing her around making sure she didn’t disappear as she followed her cousins around.

Whether she was chasing round after her older cousins trying to be part of the gang or trying to be nice to a small little girl who was young enough just to be walking, sharing her balloon and trying to get her to dance.

At the end not sure who was ready to leave, us or her. We had chased her around like paranoid parents with Em coming off worst after being slammed in the head by a disabled toilet door. Sofia was asleep a few seconds in to the car ride home and is only just stirring now, with her first words asking for a party hangover “Pain O Raison”.

The party was much more than it looks, fancy dress, guest celeb DJ, lots of people. We just left before it got going! 😳


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