Role play

Sitting in your daughters bedroom and told what to do is now the new normal. No second guessing, she can tell you exactly what she wants you to do. Tonight it is to wear the bunny ears and hop like a bunny. Not wanting to make you be the only one she shows you first to make sure you understand!

“Hop little bunny, hop hop hop!”

There are lots of different ways this can play out. “Daddy lie down” is another one. This will result in your groin being at risk as she does an American wrestling move on you jumping both knees towards you!

There is of course the less dangerous games of hide n seek, baby shark dancing. All involves a level of running around the house.

There is now quiet time, the Disney addiction has stated. Frozen has already been watched many times. The general horrific nature of some of the stories later recounted. Losing her mummy and daddy to a storm is now what is mentioned on any sight of water! However this does mean she will watch tv happily for a whole film. I think the cinema will be back on the cards soon.

With Disney though comes songs and dress up. She has her princess outfit which she will wear and spin around the house singing “do you want to build a snowman”. It’s almost trance like at times as she spins and spins and spins! This in turn has started her little club visits. At the moment this is just Friday Ballet but I am sure this will expand quickly.


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