This Christmas 2.0

Sofia’s and our version of Christmas was much more “Christmas” than last year. We had a small talking person who knows now what Christmas is, believed in Santa, although is shit scared of meeting him in person; knows that you get presents and that Advent is a thing with sweets; digs Christmas songs; wraps presents and generally loves it all.

We met 4-5 Santa’s this year, going on a train ride with him and meeting him in rooms rented from garden and shopping centres. His agent is a busy man and if he did YouTube then he’d likely be a millionaire. We now have a short window of opportunity to visit the North Pole before she learns the truth that sitting on a random mans knee is not exactly the right thing to be doing – in fact that may well be banned now as that wasn’t a thing in any of the meets this year. I also now get to have a cheeky Christmas Port as we leave out food and drink for Santa.

Chocolate and sweets are a new thing, brought on by the spirit of advent where Jesus was announced through a series of chocolate eating events to the world. She has developed a sweet tooth in the process which I now fear can not be stopped. However Grandparents, we are watching you as Sofia can now tell us when offered treats for visits.

Christmas trees and lights, well any light is now validated as being Christmas lights. A weak home from nursery announces everything from street lights to actual Christmas lights as the real deal. She has actually been much better behaved than Lola our cat was around Christmas trees with only a few bauble casualties. She is much more inclined to search for chocolates on a tree. She also got to see the local Christmas tree festival for the first time.

Disney has become a thing. Micky is now on the YouTube video list and we are a few steps away from Disney films at Christmas. She visited Disney on Ice as part of our time off. I think at least one set of grandparents are dusting off their Micky ears in eager anticipation of a EuroDisney or Disneyland adventure this year.

Singing Christmas songs to the point of teaching me some of the words is a massive part of her recent ability to speak/sing! “Dashing through the snow…laughing all he way… over hills we go” has to be the cutest highlight of our Christmas 2.0!

Presents! Argh, the best and worst of Christmas still for me. She had a lot to unwrap and was already opinionated about what she got as a present, announcing her bike as “too big”. We need some way to make presents secondary but that will never happen. She did get to shop, wrap and open, at least understanding that she got presents but also the gift was in giving presents also.

It’s a cliche but at 2 she has massively helped us to enjoy Christmas again, making us remember why we celebrate it. There are too many presents but the whole experience is much more enjoyable than years gone by. Yes, there is more about the myths, history and cultural side to learn, that’s for next year.


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