Hey Google

The world is now her oyster, she can order pretty much anything now Google understands her. She has known for a while that she can say “Hey google” but google hasn’t understood her dummy muffled tones. Today however this all changed when she managed to get Google to play “Baby Shark”!

There are two things here, one is Google will kind of do what she wants; two she knows how to play baby shark which tends to be requested at least 4-5 times an hour. This then repeats around my head for the rest of the day and is likely to come out in a meeting one day.

I’ve read that Sofia is now part of generation Alpha, not a Millennial, they just inherited always on technology as it developed. Sofia and her friends start their life with technology as part of their natural life. She watches YouTube by default, an iPad is easy to navigate and she can now voice activate items in the house. This is at 2!

It’s notable she learns through Peppa Pig that in daddy’s office he just plays with pens. This in fairness is true. I do wonder whether the written post it note and sketches around the office of how our systems work, will one day find a medium, which is more intuitive than the crappy systems we have today. No more pens, hello Minority Report.

However we still have time. Her virtual world at the moment is very much built around reality, sometimes on a grand scale. Picnics are getting bigger by the day as more items around the house become accessible. We are definitely not going away on holiday and leaving her any opportunity for a house party!

Also Google still doesn’t quite understand her fully.


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