It’s Christmas 🎄!

This is the year, this is the year it all became real, Father Christmas, Advent, Lights and Presents! There might be something about a small baby being born but that hype hasn’t started yet! Donkeys in a stable! That’s way more interesting.

Sofia is definitely aware of Father Christmas and has a rush of Santa’s to come. Treated with the same reverence as Peppa and Elmo. Blind excitement and then overwhelming emotions and tears upon meeting them. We have seen a few Santa’s already and a few more to come. I can see the fear though, there is something a little weird about sitting your daughter on some random mans leg! I think in the #metoo generation this isn’t exactly the way to go. We are combining trains and Santa this weekend in Nene Valley which should be the Santa pinnacle until Christmas Eve.

Her first recollection of Christmas and also one of her first words was “lights” as she took the short buggy ride home from nursery. Now it’s “Christmas lights”. This can be any light! A faint dim light in a house is suddenly transformed from the mundane to the thrill of “CHRISTMAS LIGHTS”. Our tree has survived admirably and is only raided for chocolate!

Oh Advent! Those 24 boxes on a small tree. We were going to fill this full of random interesting things but this ended up being sweets. I am not sure how we are going to explain this after the 24th and also get across the real meaning of Advent (a count down to baby Jesus). I think I am going to look for a nativity set and try and gain interest again via the animals. She has at the very least discovered her sweet tooth. She also seems to know numbers! She is either very lucky or can recognise the shape of a number.

We are going to try and do a carol service. She loves music and singing, so we are hoping we can bring this together all under one church roof. It’s our remaining attempt to maintain that traditional Christmas spirit and actual meaning. She has the commercial side mastered. “I want this”, “can I help you wrap this”, “can I open mummy and daddy’s Advent”…


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