We made Pumpkins 🎃

So I had a rare day off to look after Sofia, the nursery was closed for staff training so one of us had to take the day off. She is now starting to understand big events, the first was her birthday but we are running headlong towards Christmas and Halloween is next

We decided to make a pumpkin (well I did) and off we went to Jordan’s Mill a local mill where they produce Jordan’s Cereals and also grow Pumpkins. First off though we had to navigate the scariest kids garden ever. I am not sure what to say when Sofia asks “what has happened to Mickey?”. Mickey is impaled on a stake with bandages around his head. “He went bump” I say. “Poor Mickey”, indeed! This isn’t all, Peppa pig has gone all evil. Luckily she just shouted “Peppa!”…

So scary garden navigated we buy a pumpkin and return home. From here on she is happy to help. Scooping all the guts from inside, she is quite happy. She is also quite keen to use the knife to cut out the face. That bit is definitely a daddy only job. Shortly after she is then feeding guts back to the freshly carved pumpkin as he is “hungry”.

With “Mr Pumpkin” safely placed outside the front door, she is happy. It freaks her out a little every time she sees it but she does say hi to him. We actually get chance to make a second pumpkin a week later when our friends visit and we go to a local farm, Clophill which was having a pumpkin festival.

Completely incidental but i organised a work event around the same time and we had a pumpkin competition. So we asked teams to make one with their own team as a theme. This was ignored but we got some great pumpkins including one, a Star Wars themed one, which was liked by Mark Hamill! This is also the first year I’ve ever had to carve a pumpkin! Officially now a expert!


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