Sorry seems the hardest thing

So every week we think she has reached her terrible two’s only for her to reach a new phase. There is a combination of better communication, knowing what she wants and testing those boundaries, then there is just the inherent Hornby stubbornness.

So she isn’t majority bad. She will throw things then do it again even if we say no; she gets angry when not allowed to do something such as watching tv; she will play with her food and smear it over the table or just throw water out of the bath. But this is a slippery slope to drugs, staying out late, stealing the car, right! Hell we need to crack down. We’ve been told we are easy on her at times so…

Tonight she decided she wasn’t going to play monkey keplunk, instead she wanted to play something else and threw the monkey game across the floor. We ask her to say “sorry”, she just does it again! It escalated as we try to get her to apologise but to Sofia this seems to hardest thing.

She knows she has done wrong and hides round the back of the sofa. We use the 1,2,3 method. That doesn’t work, we then start removing privileges. “No Peppa”, tears, “no ice lolly”, more tears, “say sorry”, “no, I don’t like, sorry”, what! This continues for about ten minutes. She is being as stubborn as! We google other techniques to say sorry! Stumble across a article in Huffington Post that says, why asking a toddler to say sorry might be the wrong thing. I delete the Huffington Post from my favourites!

So in the end! About an hour later after a phone call to the grand parents. We get a “sorry”, whoop! Have we won this one? Maybe round 1 in a conversation that is going to go on for a few years yet. We definitely need a naughty step or place that she has to go. In all of this daddy is the bad guy, as Sofia continually went to hug mummy


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