I feel the need for speed

What have we created? A trip to Paultons Park in Hampshire is all it has taken to realise Sofia likes speed. She happily chirps away in the car going “we are going really fast”. Now this is taken to a whole new level when you are moved scared about going on some of the rides than her!

We ended up there due to her major addiction with Peppa Pig, she knows the names of all the characters, watches it endlessly. It is the first thing she asks for when she wakes up. It’s scary how much a pig can take over your life. It’s funny that the only meat she really eats is sausages.

So the rides in Peppa Pig world are pretty tame. You can see from the pictures they are your usual child affair. Small little teapot and water rides. We thought we’d have a break and do some adult rides while she slept. No sleep! Once she saw the bigger rides she was desperate to go on those rides. Just meeting the minimum height she was on to the first roller coaster she saw!

It’s funny that she likes really fast rides but give her the chance to meet Peppa in real life then suddenly she is terrified. We spent the longest time queuing for a photo with Peppa and George. She spent most of this really excited waiting to meet them. “I am going to hi hi-5 then”. Only to get on the stage with them, go really shy and refuse to touch them!

So as this little one grows up, we know she is going to be a speedster. We better get saving now for our next trip to Florida. I don’t think we can get away from having to visit every Disney theme park and coaster park! The trip to see Peppa was a “surprise” which she took to mean her birthday. When asked who she’d like to see, her list included “Elmo, Cookie, Peppa, Bing”, no Disney yet! When does that kick in?


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