Proper conversations

So she is now just over 2 and she is having proper conversations with us and can now articulate what she wants and what she is doing. Every day there seems to be new words and the creative expression is amazing. I am struggling to learn to code at the moment. This feels like learning a foreign language. She just soaks up English and new words are added daily.

A good example is this morning where the sky was an amazing colour. Not something she has really seen but she described it as “colours in the sky like flowers”. How amazing is that!

Today we are at parkrun and she listed the colours of the “rainbow”.

She describes my old bear, a panda as “very old, ah!”.

She can express what she wants, “daddy go on swing”

She also knows what she likes, you can come downstairs and ask her what she wants for breakfast. Do you want cereal. “No can I have toast, please, daddy”.

She is very much a Peppa Pig girl now. This is taking over from Bing. This usually results in “can I watch Peppa Pig on my iPad”. I think this is a level up in conversation and so helps with her own language. Daddy Pig gets a lot of abuse about being fat so hoping that doesn’t rub off!

There is so much she is learning it is amazing. She has started to link words with “and” as well as state what she did that day. She has a great memory also learning the words “Buckingham palace” from her Peppa Pig book. A lot of what she does is copying from the books and tv series. So pancakes on the ceiling in Peppa became the same on the ceiling in the bath.

It’s actually hard writing this as she makes so many humorous statements but it is difficult to not them all down and remember them for this post. It’s amazing though as it feels like we have a proper little human person now.


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