Random Sofiaisms

I learnt that Sofia may have a IQ that surpasses mine (this is not hard), i read an article where a child was said to have a IQ of 171, this was noted by the parents when their child started reciting A-Z at the age of 2.  Sofia also did this at 2, admittedly this ended with “now i know my abc won’t you sing along with me”…  So now we need to try Sofia on the Stanford-Binet test.  Having read this a few days ago my hopes of a super brainy child was brought down to earth when Sofia sitting on her potty after a bath shouted out “it’s not working”.

She is now thoroughly adept with “pictures” on her iPad. This is a big deal now and loves watching photos. Also seems to know when she doesn’t want a photo taking! Hand goes out and “no daddy”. She will happily flick through the photos, can now play videos. Yesterday I went in the shower with her watching Bing and came out to Waffle Doggy. I think we are not far off a situation where she is phoning people for a chat.

Peppa Pig is now a favourite, although Bing is still asked for she is diversifying her tastes. “Can we go home and watch Peppa piggy, daddy, please” is her response to being picked up a electronic free nursery. You feel the shame mount around you. I won’t tell them about the inane YouTube videos or the fact she ignores the park on the way home.

Her other trick now when enroute home is being able to hear objects such as planes and comment on them, “what’s that daddy”. She knows what they are but increasingly it is a listening game she is playing with you. She can now also drive her own car. No longer requiring a push.

The one thing we don’t know is where she got her need to perform. Give her a bandstand, a echo room and she is up there singing “waffle doggy”, “twinkle star” or her “abc”. Her ability to perform goes many ways, having taught her doggy poo is “stinky” this has now translated to her shouting “poooooo”, “disgusting”, “smelly” even when going to a public toilet with us. This is all you can hear when passing the toilet we are in.

We are learning to tire her out requires a lot of running which she is willing to do. That and “spinning”, where you pick her up and spin her round. She has a proper bed now and the old routines are gone. You get her in to bed and then sometimes she will be “night daddy” and just pull her covers over her and go to sleep. Other times she wants to get in and out of bed until you can convince her she has had enough stories. This can take time.


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