Terrible Two’s Start from now

It’s the 3rd August and Sofia is now 2, it’s hard to believe. Two years ago she could be held in the palm of my hand fitting comfortably against one shoulder. You wouldn’t know that now as she demands to sit on my shoulders and smack my head and stick a finger down my ear with excitement, before trying to dive head first over my head, head first towards the ground. Last year her birthday trick was walking, this year it is full fledged conversations and actual excitement when opening her presents. It’s all about Bing.

She now has a house, car and her own iPad and Phone. She wouldn’t look out of place in a episode of Boss Baby as she takes a call about an impending picnic, while moving furniture in and then back out of her new house. She is pretty independent when she wants to be. Take a morning in bed, ask for a cuddle and she moves the opposite side of the bed, turns on the iPad (she is getting pretty adept with swiping and touching a button) and generally ignores you, pausing to push you away.

We’ve now gone the whole way with her bed and have removed the remainder of the baby cot. She now has her own fully fledged bed as a present. The last two nights has consisted of her dictating her bedtime approach. What was us saying bath, then getting her dressed for bed, then her going to sleep on our lap is now starting to turn in to her walking upstairs, getting in to her own bed, then getting out and choosing several books, then asking for a song, then maybe going to sleep. She has a bed protector to stop her falling out but again last night we found her hanging out wheel barrow style, shouting for “mummy”.

We’ve tried to limit presents for this birthday to her playhouse and a few small presents, plus whatever the grandparents try to sneak in with. Her new house should keep her occupied and me (with the help of dad). A half day of building with painting still to go, a teal and white classic look beckons. For now the house has a carpet, cooker, washing machine and chair. The good thing is I just about fit, it’s fairly cool in the heat. I might move in.

This is probably her last birthday which is without party. She is also unlikely to happily answer the door naked to receive a present and card from her friends much longer. She has stuff, it is very much hers, refusing her friends entry to her house and shouting “my jewels” or whatever she has with her at the time. Materialism seems to be baked in from an early age regardless of how much you try for this not to happen.

So with birthday over the “terrible two’s” start. Chicken pox is done at least.


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