Pox baby

It has to happen at some point, after wondering whether to get the pox vaccine, Sofia now has the pox. Starting with a single spot on the back it is not covering her face and back. She doesn’t seem too bothered by it at the moment but they haven’t really taken hold yet and the puss and scabbing over of the spots yet to really happen. She seems more bothered by the heat.

We’ve invoked emergency procedures, luckily she managed to get through a number of days of nursery before both we and they realised. This means it is near the end of the week, nanny is here Thursday and then Em home Friday, my parents hopefully coming up from the south coast Monday.

We had thought about the vaccine, it seems expensive at a couple of hundred pounds but when you take in to account lost earnings and holidays taken then it quickly becomes worthwhile. I was reading somewhere that it degrades though during life and come middle age you are 30% less resistant. So it is possible the vaccine won’t keep you immune for ever.

We’ve read all the NHS blurb now, chamomile lotion on order, oat baths, socks on their hands during the night to stop them itching, somehow we need to keep her cool in this weather! So we need to see how it all unfolds now. This is probably day 3-4 but it will take up to two weeks to fully clear and 5-8 days for the spots to scab over. At this point in theory she can go back to nursery, if they will take her.

I think we might have done a good job of taking down the rest of the Otters nursery group with us. We either got it via a neighbour or it came via nursery. We were at a bbq with friends on Sunday so hopefully not infected their child as well. One of the things I have learnt is that there is a thing called pox parties. This is where parents get their kids together with an infected child in the hope of contracting it themselves. Extreme but probably a good thing if you time it around holidays and key events. Plan in the grandparents.

So we have recommendations on a number of treatments. Chamomile lotion although this can also dry the skin. Piriton allergy relief syrup we have been told will help reduce itchiness. Then our final recommendation has been pox clin which again helps soothe the spots as they burst.

Update Day 5

Spots are starting to scab over. A few new ones which suggest she is still probably a little contagious now but looks a wreck and isn’t sleeping well. We had a bad night with her waking regularly and needing to sleep in our bed.

Update day 6

Things are improving, no new spots and the spots are now pretty much all scanned over. She hasn’t really been that itchy, occasionally rubbing her back up and down the sofa or across the fall. She knows the word “itchy” now. She does seem to have developed another cold in the process.

Em was away overnight. So I had duty of care. The weather has broken and it is now a little cooler. As a result she slept through the night. The first in many weeks. So that helped both of us.

7-10 days

Pox is done and she is back at nursery. We have a lot of looks and parents whisking their kids away from her when in public places. She has a few disappearing spots on her face. Her back still has a lot scabby spots. She has done pretty well throughout given the heat. Hopefully that is the one and only time she will get it. Our friends down the road can account for the fact it is possible to get twice!


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