Moving toward a proper bed

We’ve decided after several weeks of her coming in to our bed at night that she might be wanting her own bed and not a cot. When playing around our bed she has taken to getting in and pulling the covers over herself and pretending to be asleep. Now this could just be nappy changing avoidance tactics but may be a sign she wants her own bed with duvet. She also has a tendency to play the same game in the spare room with herself or bunny getting under the covers.

We’ve removed one half of her cot as a result over a number of weekends. I did it one weekend only to have to put it all back up as we didn’t have a stair gate on her bedroom door to stop her escaping and readjusting our heating (our boiler is in a room next to hers.). The last thing we want at the moment is more heat.

We’ve bought a protector to try and stop her falling out. She still has a tendency to flop around the bed during the night. If she is in our bed this usually means trying to head butt Em and push her out the bed. I just get a casual kick in the face but have a lot more bed space.

So far the protector has kept her in bed with the exception of one night where we heard this cry for “mummy, daddy, baby” only to find her in a wheel barrow position hands on the floor, legs on the bed. We think she had reached for her water (we have put one by her bed), missing and falling on the floor. She wasn’t very happy after.

The one thing she hasn’t done yet is realised she can easily get out of bed now and at least get to the stair gate at her bedroom door. She still prefers to cry out and for one of us to attend to her. Still definitely working her princess Sofia title.

It’s too hot for a duvet at the moment so that will come if we ever see rain and it cools down. It is still proving tough keeping her in her own bed through this heat. Her room reads 28c most nights at the moment and seems to be the hottest in the house. I think if this works out then we will take down the rest of the cot and put the proper bed headboards on. Then she properly has her own little bed! So grown up!


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