Oh god not another random YouTube video

It’s our own fault, we let her in to this world, I think the first video I showed her was when she was a few months old and I calmed her down via a song of Katy Perry and Elmo (there was obviously no reasoning behind this choice). Now every night between 6 and 6.30pm it is YouTube time with an ever weirder collection of videos.

So it all started with Katy and the world was ok. Then we started to hunt our more Elmo as Sofia became more aware of what she was watching. There are a lot of celebrities that have sung with Elmo and that kept both us and Sofia occupied night after night. There was a chance of a “no daddy, no” on the selection but usually all ok.

Then one night we strayed, we strayed and found a video of people visiting and hugging Elmo and friends. This was not a Sesame Street sanctioned video. It did play the theme tune and Sofia was happy. However the associated selection was just off and one day we ended up on some weird video which has now become a favourite.

Who in their right mind gets lots of pots looking like Sesame Street characters, then fills them full of random sweets, kinder and like. Then proceeds to spend 20 minutes emptying the sweets and creating the animals inside. This is all done to some jaunty tune. It’s crazy and very dull, Sofia loves it. She can now say “this one daddy”, “no daddy this one”. Please god, no! She can then sit through the whole 20 minutes, fixated but can’t watch the same of Paddington 2. The worst thing is millions of other parents have had to deal with the same terrible video! 5 million views! Here tonight for your viewing pleasure.

This is the new normal though. Sofia’s cousins between them have their own YouTube channel where they release regular updates on how to make muffins with flour and ice cream (they look pretty good). We actually took a picture of Sofia watching her cousins on YouTube. Another cousin watches some YouTube influencers playing Minecraft and no doubt Fortnite also.

This is it, this is the future! In years to come I might not have to worry about her reading this blog and asking why I was reluctant. She will be in some weird VR kids universe playing with her cousins living miles away on the south coast.


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