Sunshine, heat and no sleep

At the moment the average nightly temperature is over 20 degrees and her room thermometer is permanently on red. This results in her waking up half way through the night. She says “hug”, you hug her then she points to her bedroom door. This is a clear indication she wants to spend the rest of the night in your bed.

This has gone on for the last few weeks now with the occasional sleep through the night. The night is then spent being kicked in the face or worse a ever increasing nappy pushes in your face. If you are lucky that is it. Worse is when she decides she can’t sleep, “Bing”, “cuddle”, “milk”, “snack”, then become her words of choice. Cursing summer you get her a drink. I have slightly better luck as Sofia is keen to cuddle mummy, this usually results in a head butt on mummy as she dives in for a cuddle. Followed swiftly by cursing from Em.

By morning you have one of two things. Either an early wake up for “Bing”, “iPad”, or a sleeping beauty who can only be described as acting like a teenager, asked to get up for school. If you can wake her up she will look round the room and then pull the covers over her and go back to sleep. This would be amazing if we were not on a tight nursery schedule. Despite several attempts to convince her of the merits of nappy change and getting dressed, she just shouts “no daddy, Sofia sleeping” and throws her head under a pillow.

You can guarantee the only time she is waking early is a Saturday morning!


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