Everything is conversation

So everything at the moment is conversational development with Sofia. Despite her continued sleep issues and waking up in our bed come morning she is otherwise all about the chat.

Conversation is broken but you can have it now. Em commented on how she had a phone conversation with her on what she’d had for breakfast and her day ahead. There is so much she overhears and knows. You can now explain to her and as long as she isn’t tired you will get a reasoned response. Now this isn’t at insight in to Trump foreign policy but will get you a decision between toast, cereal or crumpets.

She is much more precise and expansive in her language, no longer is something a phone but it is daddy’s iPhone or iPad. She has a growing vocabulary which means she can ask for many different things from “Sofia would like some bread” through to “Sofia would like ice cream”.

She will be expressive with tone and meaning. Another comment from Em was how she stood at the top of the slide and shouted “no boys”. She also notes things like “dog poo” with a point and shrill! One thing about her accent is that it can be described as a cross between a 19th century Dickens chimney sweep and local Hitchin.

She soaks up words, this is good and bad. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that Nanny is in the doghouse with the use of “oh for gods sake” which Sofia has now taken to use when anything drops o the floor or gets broken. It’s also used when bunny or Elmo does something wrong like slip off their chair.

She can also combine where she is with actions. So she swept her arms back and ran round the airport, shouting “airplane”, “im going on an airplane”. Possibly the only person ever to be excited by the prospect of a 2.5hrs flight on Ryanair.

She has for a while asked for Calpol when going to bed, now when sorting through our drugs bag on holiday she can actively point it out and the fact she likes it.

Holiday also did show a worrying likeness for Donald Trump with her hair. This again says we need to get that mullet cut at some point soon.

She definitely knows about running as well. She is keen to chase and go running whenever she can which makes me very happy.

We think she has an appreciation of time also, seemingly knowing when granny is visiting or what time we will be home when our working. So all in all these are fun times with her constant conversation. It’s reached a point where it is odd thinking she couldn’t speak just a few months back more than the odd word.


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