The Battle for the North

So it begins, with Sofia now talking pronunciation is a key element. With this comes a war on words which has lasted forever. “Bath” or “Barth”. As you can see already, it is the southern pronunciation which is on shaky ground. I can’t even work out how to write about how or why “bath” becomes “barf” unless i’m wanting to state with American accent “I am about to be barf”.

So it makes me happy to report that Sofia speaks true to the North and happily shouts out “bath” without an “rrre”! Much to Ems displeasure. I think I have this won with “Scone” and “grass” being words she also speaks with a similar northern tone. I just need to keep this up. I think Sofia probably looks at us like we’ve gone mad as we say the same word with a different accent.

If you read up historically the tighter sounding northern way has been around longest with a view from linguists that it became trendy in London to lengthen the vowel. So really it is all just a fad like cereal cafes.

So happy with current state. We will see in years to come whether she succumbs to the trendy London says like Em. For now it is victory to the north.


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