Teething at 2

Sofia has just her back teeth left to come through. These are starting to cause her significant pain especially as it comes round to bedtime. For the past week we have struggled to get her to bed only for her to wake up during the night and joining us in bed. Once settled though she is fine which makes us sometimes believe it is summer and getting to an age where she becomes more difficult to get to sleep.

So the night ritual starts with bath, she already has a sore bottom which is a good indicator for us that she is teething, that and being snotty. In the bath she is generally being difficult wanting you to join or getting angry at each step of the bathing, clothes off, angry, in the water, angry, playing, gets angry, try and get her out, gets angry. Towel her down gets angry, dress her, gets angry. Her bum being sore leads to comments of “stop”, “no”, “hurts”. Anyone who says you need baby consent to do something doesn’t have a baby.

Now comes the challenge of getting her to bed and sleep. This is a drawn out process. I think she just can’t get comfortable with the pain around her teeth. After milk, songs, reading to her, she lies in bed tossing and turning and getting progressively more angry, you try more singing, gentle calming and then she starts stopping herself from sleeping, kicking out, putting her dummy in her eye and generally looking around the room and talking.

So then you swap as you’ve run out of ideas. You can’t get angry yourself, however frustrated and in need of food you are (you’ve just come home from work after all), any showing of frustration unsettles Sofia further. So you have a break and then swap back. This probably gives her an opportunity to reset. So you resort to what she wants as you hope it will calm her crying, Bing is then on. She is now fine, no tears, happily chatting. Bing finishes. You start again from scratch, tears, screams, angry!

You try everything and then as you near the end of the evening she runs out of steam and falls asleep. The only benefit at the moment is it is light and 9pm after starting before 7pm still leaves you with time for a wine and relax in the evening light before it is time for your own bed. Neither of us has any problem getting to sleep at this point.

A few weeks of this and hopefully it is coming to an end. Better google what’s next.


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