One of the things we have seemingly managed to teach Sofia is some level of manners. We were even told that by nursery last night. Despite her being also possessive and stubborn, traits of a 2 year old, she also uses “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”.

At nursery yesterday she managed to draw first on the new tables and then on the freshly painted wall. Having been told off on both times, the second time was met with a “sorry” and also her running off to get a cloth to wash it off the wall. She is very good at this at home offering to clean up water she spills or food she drops.

“Please” and “thank you” are other used words. There is much sweetness when you get her something off the shelf or find something, receiving “thank you daddy” upon doing so. “Please” is a little harder but she does say it, especially if this means getting her beloved dummy back.

So pat on the back, mummy and daddy, she may be a budding graffiti artist in the making but at least she says “sorry” and cleans up. Hopefully when reading this back in years to come we can still say the same around her manners not the graffiti.


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