Talking 9-5

She talks, she holds some level of conversation, she owns most of our house. Sofia is speaking and the number of words she uses is increasing every day. I say she owns most of the house as she can now say things like “mine”, “Sofia’s car” and many other words. She is currently 22 months and very close to being 2!

She also has learnt to project her voice. So at night she is sat going to sleep and whispers, “daddy ei ai o” which leads to a endless song and daddy struggling to think of an animal to go next. This is interspersed by suggestions that are hard to know what sound they make! What does “Bing bunny” sound like besides a whinny bunny?!

Yesterday at nursery we got the louder voice but this time singing twinkle twinkle to the waiting children and parents. We have to wait outside till 8 for the door to open. I have got the nursery journey sussed. Just in time doesn’t work and you need to account for random requests before leaving, such as taking her giant talking Elmo to nursery. Trust me at this point Elmo is coming so allow time for her dragging him along.

Later at the park we got a loud “Sofia is coming” as she stood at the top of the hill and announced she was about to board the ‘high’ slide. Talking Elmo also met his demise here as Sofia threw him down the slide only for a little boy to bang Elmos head on the slide side. Elmo only says “hi” now before looking a bit odd and going silent. Poor Elmo.

We are in the realms of bedtime stories now. Peppa Pig and George’s balloon is the current fave with a post bath request. Actually it is the most available book as myself and Em can probably both recite the book word for word. You don’t read it once a night, you read it many times a night. She does think of you though, she will say “daddy, blanket” which is a cue to pull the blanket over us both and read. At the moment the bedtime routine is nearly an hour post bath as one of us try to get her to sleep. Summer sun and general not wanting to sleep is making it difficult to have evening time. She is usually asleep by 8.30.

Although being possessive she is very polite. She says “thank you” and also “sorry”. She also wants to help. We brought her a stool for the kitchen and bathroom so she can watch us do things and help. She is good at keeping things tidy and a “oh no” as something falls on the floor often ends up in the bin. To date this has all been rubbish!

What else, I haven’t written anything down for a long time. She can count, “1-10”, knows some colours, especially “purple” bunny. It might just be called that rather than knowing but she often surprises us with a colour observation. If she is surprised she often puts her hand on her mouth and looks surprised! Often this is on arrival of “Nanna, Grandad, Nanny, Bear, Grandas”. The realisation of a day with any of the grandparents and no nursery is met with excitement!

She has a sense of humour, not sure where she gets that! She finds a lot funny from bubble “cream pies” splatted in the face to just walking along and randomly falling over in the long grass. Throwing Elmo down the slide is also the more evil funny side of her. Oh and she is starting to talk about “poop”, this is definitely a Emma inspired word.

She also knows the word “running” due to being taken to endless parkruns. She is always keen to shout out “running” and then race! Definitely knows where she gets that. 2 years and counting till her first parkrun!


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