A day at Willow Farm

We have been to our fair share of farms now. They are great places for a day out to occupy Sofia. There is a standard format of soft play, animals and some sort of themed styling. Of course there are cafes with coffee to keep the parents going. Willow farm is no different but it is done really well.

Just off the M25 near London Colney it is themed in the style of Peter Rabbit which Sofia loves, at least for the length of the theme tune. There are a tonne of things to do here. You can meet the Bunnies Peter Rabbit. We’ve tried this with her other heroes from Sesame Street but that ended in tears as she was overwhelmed by the giant Elmo trying to say hello to her. This time we met Cotton Tail and again the tears came out!

However she loved the shows where they were at a distance. Waving at Peter Rabbit and the gang from the safety of the audience. The shows seemed to run every hour so there is lots of opportunity to see it.

We were blessed with the perfect day to visit. A lot of the stuff is outdoors but there are a few things to do indoors. You can meet a variety of animals and feed them. From Rabbits to cows are all present.

There was also a digger park where you could drive a variety of big diggers for all ages present. Sofia is a little in between using the push one and trying to peddle.

Most things are outside though and we brought our own picnic for one of the many places to eat. The big thing about Willow farm is that even with many people present it never seems that busy as there are so many different areas with places to eat and do things. You never feel trapped in with a thousand other kids and parents.

There are actually lots of things I didn’t get photos of as we were enjoying them too much. We played in Mr Tods house which was one of many places with activities such as slides, kitchens and musical instruments you could play in a themed Peter Rabbit space. We managed the wear out Sofia here and by Mid-afternoon she was napping and we said goodbye to our friends and made an exit.

We could easily have spent the whole day here but you need to leave some things to do another day. There are many farms in the area but not enough for every weekend! Maybe that’s a challenge. If there is one thing to say about Willow Farm, it’s not cheap. It was £30 for 2 adults. Everything to their credit was included after that (not food) and when compared to Busch Gardens $200 is actually pretty good value even without the coasters!


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