Sofia doing anything already stresses me out

“Hi mum, yes I am just going on a trip with a friend between two random airports we picked in the Middle East”, “yes mum, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt”. “No mum we don’t have a plan”.

“Hi mum, just going on a date to New York with someone I met on Facebook, sure it will be fine”

“Hi mum, just travelling round China for 4 weeks, no real plan but we will get some trains and stay at hostels.”

Oh my god. I am not sure how Mum coped with some of those messages. No I wasn’t a toddler when telling mum I was off on my travels. She was always worried though and I didn’t understand why.

I do now with Sofia. I find it difficult leaving her with other people, I get nervous when she runs off down the pavement, she still doesn’t have road sense and so could swerve in to the road. I can only see this getting worse with push bikes and scooters. God forbid the day we have to let her walk to school on her own!

I watch tv and see horrendous stories that people have gone through with babies with illness or who have had accidents. It’s something that would have washed over me a few years ago but now makes me sad and anxious for Sofia.

She has the best possible start growing up, she has a good family with income and she doesn’t have to want for anything. I don’t know what the % of children that are born in to a good start but it must be a low % looking at the world. I cannot imagine bringing up a child in Syria for example.

So when my mum worries I kind of know why now. It’s not going to stop me visiting the world but it does make me think I need to let my parents know I am ok more. It’s also a reflection that we have been brought up in safe environments and that we should understand how lucky we are on a daily basis.


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