Well, 20 months has been fun, Florida and being Ill

So we went to Florida for 20 months, when we went last Sofia had just learnt to crawl and nothing could stop her as she crawled off down the beach. This time she can walk and has an opinion on most things as to whether she is happy doing them or not.

I actually only spent a week away with Emma and Sofia spending 2 weeks staying with her mum and husband. Entertaining Sofia becomes the primary purpose of the holiday. So by the time I get there, she has been to a animal wildlife park, the aquarium, local parks, the beach. We are pretty much running out of things to do. Disney is a few years off and is on the other coast (so 3 hrs away).

So we actually go to Busch Gardens which isn’t too far away. This is a chance for Sofia to meet her on screen idols in the form of Sesame Street who do a show there. We thought she’d love it but it was a mix of disbelief, tears and fear. The show is pretty short, maybe 10-15mins but she hid throughout that. She also didn’t want to go up and see them. By the end though she was shouting their names to them and waving.

We also find, actually we knew this, she likes speed. The little rides she could go on she loved, “again” “again” being called out as the ride came to a stop. She also loved watching the big Coasters fly round, I think if she could she would have been riding on them also.

One thing she loved away from the parks was swimming. She is pretty adventurous when in the pool with her lifeaid on. She will quite happily swim round and is keen to play and jump in even off the side. We need to do more of this by taking her to our local pool.

Coming home was actually relatively easy with no major issues on the flight other than me getting ill. Sofia after a round of Bing was pretty much asleep the whole flight. The late night take off and early morning UK arrival really helped with getting her adjusted back to UK time. One lesson is that we don’t book the bassinet now as she is too big. We managed to book the window and the aisle seat on a 3 seater which meant we avoided anyone sitting on that bank and had 3 seats to ourselves on the flight back. This was helped by the flight being pretty empty.

Bad habits also came out. There are now a few we have to deal with

  • Bing! The bloody winging rabbit from CBeebies is now required on any car journey, on repeat. Nothing else will do even if she suggests alternatives as soon as they start “Bing” is called out.
  • Starting the car or at least pressing as many buttons as she can is a pre-req to any car journey start, we came blame Laurence for this habit.
  • The high chair seems to be a thing of the past. The chair is now mummy’s knee or her own chair. This has now led to us replacing the chair at home with a booster seat for a normal chair.
  • Dummy is massively needed wherever she goes. It is a obsession and her main comforter.
  • Mummy being the main point of call for all carrying and general affection. I am not sure if this is due to me not being there for a few weeks and then being ill. It’s meant that I haven’t been doing as much with Sofia which has meant she seems to have developed a bigger bond with mum.
  • There is much more use of the word “no” and general tears when not getting her own way. This is just a standard development thing but does make everything a lot more trying. Just the other night in the bath Em tried to comb her hair but Sofia took the comb off her and threw it away saying “mummy, no, naughty”. We have been told.

These are all the bad habits and they do dominate but she is much more engaging and chatty. The growing vocabulary including trying to count. It is always impressive when she says a new word which happens every other day. There is now bunny love, as she has developed more affection with her cuddly toys. She can also name people in her class at nursery and knows her carers name.

I’ve felt a bit remote from everything this month though. Mainly due to falling ill on return from America. I ended up with some massive infection which left me in hospital on a drip and a course of antibiotics. Most of the last two weeks with Sofia has been saying “Hi” and “Goodnight” from my bed. It’s only now two weeks later that I am starting to feel remotely engaged and it is still tiring. Em has been great through this and looked after Sofia throughout! She didn’t have much of a choice but she has taken any pressure off me getting well again.

So there we go, this is pretty much 20 months done.


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