Soooo much time

What the hell did I do before Sofia? I’ve been left for a week while Sofia and Em fly out with parents to Florida. I am now joining a week later via a day in New York. What I’ve learnt is I had so much free time before Sofia but never realised or capitalised.

So I’ve learnt these things about before and none are really good. I filled most of my time through work. I managed to do it again this time round with at least 4 days spent working early to late. However I don’t think I managed to do anything more. So lesson one is working smarter and not longer. I just stayed at work because I didn’t have anywhere to be. Sad really. Work to live not the other way round.

I did manage to do some odd jobs around the house, mainly painting. After a unfortunate calpol spraying up the wall incident a new coat (or about 5 as it turns out) was required. This is a definite plus as Sofia is not also trying to help repaint the carpets as you try to work the walls.

Gaming, my console has largely laid untouched for a year. I still have my PlayStation membership, download the games but then get about 5 minutes of playtime. I’m actually looking forwards to her playing games in a few years. Hopefully she agrees and wants too.

That me time though has allowed for some Saturday lunchtime pool games, nights out with friends. I’ve had time to do this previously but every time there is the thought in the background that you have to be back at a certain time or to be awake to do bath or bottle or both. So you don’t always just switch off and forget time. Having that time has definitely been good.

So I am definitely more awake or is that tired. One effect of no baby in the house is that you don’t work as much in routine. By the time we are home, bathed her, eaten and started to think about chilling, you are already falling asleep on the sofa. Winter doesn’t help with dark nights. So what has happened this week is I’ve gotten home late but not been as tired, watched tv and then continued with a few more episodes and then gone to bed later. However still getting up early has made me equally if not more tired. I can say though that the brilliance of Designated Survivor has been a contributing factor.

Running, so I didn’t do as much as I wanted as was too busy being tired, however those early evening runs were a thing again. Also a longer Sunday run was back on along with parkrun. I think heading back in to summer I need to get back out on the streets again. Not having dinner when home is a factor to plan round. I’ve been thinking that if I want to beat a running goal it might help if I actually trained and didn’t just think I can beat them with no effort. Training time!!!

However I have missed the little one. She does eat up your time In a good way. Watching her learn and develop is immensely rewarding. As is her random antics and words as she slowly learns the way of the world. So I am now off to see how she is getting on with some heat, longer days and a pool to entertain her. Little one I am coming!


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