19 months!

Sofia is now 19 months. It’s difficult to know what is changing now. It’s not as visible but she is developing her own thoughts and personality. She is strong, independent and keen to try anything and everything.

She is still very mobile and loves the park, climbing and generally getting in to trouble. Once she has got over her starting fear of the slide she wants to go back again and again.

She is more than able and growing taller. This doesn’t seem apparent until you look at some of the clothes she squeezed In to 6 months ago. The sudden realisation of growth came with her starting to open the house doors. We have now started a little growth chart on the kitchen wall to track her progress. We also now need to think about making sure she can’t escape out the front door.

She now has friends at nursery and can start to name them. She mentions boys a lot already, “Freddy” at nursery then if out in our street she is off round to knock on “William”. This is a definite sign of things to come. We’ve not really had to experience trips to friends or birthdays yet. This is all likely to be a thing soon enough. There doesn’t appear to be much interaction yet but she is very thoughtful, returning food to them if they drop it at Nursery or just wanting to share toys.

She now has a bear friend in bunny. It’s not at the point of getting upset of not having bunny along but she does like to share experience. Bunny has found himself being fed dinner, thrown ahead of her in the bath or pool, thrown down the stairs or generally hugged when she gets upset. Em is worried the violent side is a thing to come with kids at nursery. Em already gets slaps and hair pulls when Sofia is in a playful mood.

She is more thoughtful now and seems to be learning rather than learning happening by doing. She has always read but now she seems to want you to read to her. She is better at completing tasks and can communicate far more about what she wants and doesn’t. Recently bath has become a bad thing, as I think she knows it means bed. She knows when she wants to sleep but early bath and bed doesn’t seem to be wanted at the moment.

She also seems more grown up in the range of different emotions and things she copies you over. This is both good and bad. I am hoping some things are just phases and other are things we need to change. At the moment at her worst she has all the marks of a stereo typical millennial.


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