Let’s read some books at the library

So Hitchin library has just been refitted and I am alone with Sofia for the day. It’s cold outside and they have a children’s story time. So off we go trudging through the snow to the library. We pass our local hill which in a few years time I am sure she will be sliding down.

Reading is important and Sofia likes books. We recently tried to dress her up as the hungry caterpillar as part of world book day. She loves the book but refused to dress up.

We get to the library late due to a prolonged shop in Waitrose. Sofia decided it was time to have a rest and lay down in the middle of the shop. Luckily I was saved by a guide dog who got Sofias attention and back to her feet.

The reading is in full swing but does she want to sit and listen? Nope, she wants to look at the books and not any books, motivational books for mummy and daddy. This takes the form of 4 Mums in a Boat and The World of Cycling by Geraint Thomas. She has high expectations of us. The rest of the time in the library is then spent climbing up and down the stairs!

All of this excitement means a snack and sleep. This gives me chance to chill and listen to some tunes in our local record shop, while sipping a coffee. Hopefully there is nothing in subliminal learning as we see something end most of that time with some rap from Evidence playing in the background, swear words and all. Half a day down without mummy.


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