18 Month Regression

So Sofia is now 18 months, what this seems to mean is she will wake up before midnight every night and not go back to bed unless it is in ours, then she spreads herself out, kicks me in the head, punches Em until she is happily owner of the bed.  Despite this she seems pretty happy to wake at 6am and tap you on the head going “daddy”, “mummy”, “cbeebies”.  I’ve said this before this feels like bad parenting but it does give you some precious additional minutes dozing before having to get up for work or get some milk.  Watching Show Me, Show Me every morning can also make you want to get up.


While this regression isn’t too bad, you get less deep sleep but you do sleep.  However if you thought a hangover in your twenties was painful then add 20 years and try going out out late one evening.  Pretty much makes the following day of looking after a little one who doesn’t stop, think Terminator pursuit and this is Sofia on a slow day.  It is chaos, more chaos and then food, sleep (relax) and more chaos through to bed, where you hope she goes straight to sleep and you can grab a glass of wine and chill (well peppermint tea). You do dream of the evening sofa nightly.

She has always been mobile but she is now slowly adding words and potentially sentences to her skills.  Sentences at the moment are a just a few words, “I need dummy”, “bye daddy”, “bye mummy”, “goodbye, see you soon”, “ciao”, “Alexa, eieio”, “ready, steady go” and likely many more that I have forgotten. I’m always amazed but she knows pretty much everything you ask her, now she can start to answer back. She is very good at making the right animal sound when asked.

Teeth are nearly all in, she started dribbling again which is a telltale sign she is getting her final ones through, incisors? Those pointy Dracula style ones. Actually that reminds me, she pointed at the TV tonight and went daddy! Just happened to be the Count off Sesame Street! Thanks Sofia!

We need to create a height chart, we have been meaning to do this since birth but have failed. She seems to be growing daily. We were in John Lewis today and there was a tiny baby being fed. Hard to believe that she was like that not that many months ago.

What else, what else is she now doing at 18 months. She likes books, she has started to have paddy’s, she finally is making friends with her cuddly toys. The bunnies are definite favs and the only ones to be given food and beds for the night. The horse is likely to become someone’s dinner if Sofia could cook it. It’s not a favourite at the moment.

I had my first glimpse of the future when she got a morning hug off one of the boys at nursery. It nearly solicited a get off her. Luckily I am going to America in a few months so can get hold of a shotgun and a rocking chair for the porch. Only another 15 years to hone those skills.

There is probably so much more but she is 1 1/2!

“Goodbye, see you soon”.


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