Funny Baby photos

We’ve taken enough photos to fill every bit of our house walls several times over. She is only 17 months old. However much you think you won’t be that person that only posts photos of their child on social media, it is inevitable. Partly because your social life often is just spending time with her but mainly because she grows so quickly and is generally hilarious. These are some of my favourites so far. So many got lost in the albums.

The beer drinker.

The baby driver on her phone

The poop model

My Fair Lady

The Eighties child

Diet Coke break

Daddy do I have something on my face?

Afternoon after the pub

My precious

A star is born

Rapidly becomes a diva

No photos please Paparazzi

Cossack posh winter styling

Power dresser eighties style

Even before she arrived she liked to smile


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