Our first Parents evening

I thought this would be a lot later, maybe about 4 or 5 years old after starting primary school. No it starts at 17 months. We get a 10 minute slot where we get to go in and see some tired looking Nursery assistants. It’s great that they do this but you do feel for them after a busy day.

We sit on tiny nursery chairs that would barely seat Sofia, with a cup of water (I am sure we all really need a glass of wine) and a homemade biscuit. Sofia’s primary carer (key worker) tells us where She is against her age group. They use a development framework called the early years foundation stage (EYFS). It’s actually quite interesting and Sofia has pretty much checked off on 8 to 20 months and is now quickly checking off 16 to 26 months. We get a lot of this through the App they use called Tapestry.

We find out some gems. Sofia likes to play games around her dummy. Stealing it while nobody is looking and then laughing before handing it back. I’ve watched her speed round the nursery room before searching for her dummy. She knows where to look and also how to climb up to steal it. She is starting to name the other children in the nursery and her talking is rapidly developing, sequencing actions and words.

We are still surprised to be told she eats all her food. She eats a lot, we know that but she seems to eat meat here which she is not great with at home. The way she treats some of her soft animal toys at home you get the sense that she isn’t a vegan or animal libertarian in the making.

Our key worker (makes Sofia sound like she is on parole) likes to talk and so we are there a good 20 minutes before we get a word in. The final words are just to keep doing what we do, just hide her dummy more. So we are looking like model parents, A*, at least for the time being. Now pour me a glass of wine.


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