Blame the grandparents Amazon Alexa rules

So this is this modern society. We were playing songs on our Google Home, only for Sofia at the end to shout out “Alexa” and the song she wanted. “No Sofia it is Hey Google”. Sofia, “Alexa”. “No Sofia, it’s Hey Google”. Alexa is the grandparents, a weekend away and Sofia’s brand loyalty is now Alexa. She hasn’t actually ever said “Google”. So maybe there is something in that as she can say “Siri”.

Sofia picks up iPad and goes “Beebies”. I go “Hey Siri”, Sofia goes “beebies”, Siri goes “what would you like to watch”. “Bye bye” goes Sofia, “have a nice day” replies Siri. Who needs a talking Elmo or maybe we should just embed Alexa or Siri in Elmo. Maybe this is how the written world ends. We are the last generation to need to write.

It’s definitely a different world to grow up in. We didn’t have any kind of technology. I remember getting our first VHS player, the day I got a black n white tv in my bedroom, the day channel 4 started and then 5. When Sky hadn’t been invented. My first computer was a Apple IIE. That definitely didn’t speak to me. This was the 1980s or everything Stranger Things. I actually joined a computer user group and wrote some game reviews for them. In the end the lack of games lost out and I bought an Atari, well my parents did.

At school we used computers maybe once a month to play Lemonade or do some basic drawing. At university my first year of essays were written by pen. I remember seeing loads of people in a room writing emails. That was my first view of Hotmail and probably the internet!

I didn’t have a phone till after university. We met each other at specific times, if we missed each other then we had to guess where they were or find some new friends. My dissertation was on home shopping via the internet. Tesco has just started trialing inside the M25. This was some of my first typed work on a computer. I used a electronic typewriter for a while! I did buy a PlayStation in my first year at uni. This is possibly the reason for poor exam scores as Time Crisis became an addiction. I remember playing Alien after getting the PlayStation. Graphics now look terrible but at the time it was scary and actually quite tense. University was 1995 to 2000.

I got a phone shortly after university. This was a Nokia and Snake was the game of choice. I think at this point I bought a DVD player. I ended up working for Tesco in IT working on their website. Then I learnt about Facebook just after joining EasyJet and Social media became a thing. Actually it was probably Friends Reunited to start with. A UK site which missed the boat and tried to link you up with school friends. Out of everything, social media has probably the thing that has wasted most time and something I try to use less.

I resisted buying a IPod to start with. Tried everything else to avoid iTunes. You do that when a bit of a tech geek. My first experience with new Apple was actually via a iTouch which then led to a iPhone and a iPad. This is also the start of a love affair with Apple products. We are probably up to 2010 at this point.

I think everything since 2010 has got smaller and thinner. Voice is probably the next thing since and even now I am sceptical other than to get basic information. I am sure that will all change. Brand loyalty is down to a few companies, Google (Home), Sony (PlayStation), Apple for everything else. I guess with all this tech, do we waste time with it or learn from it?

It’s scary to think of the change in just 20 years. Everything we do involves some interaction with technology. In another few years it will be augmented reality, AI, robots and then what? When your child’s toys are walking around with her, acting as her best friends. It will be like Ted without the swearing!

For now it’s back to arguing with Sofia over Google Home or Alexa. She just won’t accept Google. Does that mean we need to change our technology! First world problems indeed!


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