It’s Christmas

Do you know it’s Christmas time? Well initially no. We were all set up to video her first reaction to the mountain of presents (grandparents!), as she runs towards the room all excited she completely misses Christmas and runs over to her old toys. Video memory is fail, Christmas is over.

Here comes Santa Clause. Well not really, not yet. As Grandma found out on a local visit to the industrial Santa land where Disney style queuing and cloned Santa’s await. Sofia’s phobia of men with beards extends to Santa. So after a hour of queuing this resulted in tears. So no Santa Clause this Christmas and no mince pies and sherry left out either. Santa is one for next year.

Baby it’s cold outside. It has been a cold and wet run up to Christmas which gave Sofia her first experience of snow. I am not sure what she made of it, her initial exploring was one of confusion with the white below her feet.

It gave us chance to build her first snowman ⛄️ however we built this in the wrong place and it rapidly became an obstacle for parking the car before melting away to some stones and a carrot.

Rocking around the Christmas tree. I had expected the tree to end pulled over on the floor but she has been really good with it. She likes the lights. Our nursery walk home is punctuated by shouts of “lights” as she admires the local neighbourhood attempts at Christmas. The only time the tree has been in trouble is when she wants something and uses the tree as hostage, pulling and prodding until she gets what she wants. This is usually a chocolate which Em introduced her to via the power of advent. Bad Mummy, they were all for me.

Home for Christmas. This year we had Christmas Day at home. Sofia managed a number of Christmas dinners. Sofia had one at nursery, we met up with friends, had one on Christmas Day, and then went to my parents for Boxing Day. I can’t say any were relaxing. We were the only ones with kids when meeting with friends. So much of the time is spent chasing Sofia around. Our group needs some more kids, hint gang! It is only the evening after she has gone to bed that we get to relax, eat a mince pie and have a glass of wine.

osty the Snowman. So all that remains on Christmas is getting out of the house. After days of rain over Christmas cabin fever sets in. So while in Dorset we escaped to the coast to visit some of the coastline. Although really cold it was at least sunny. The coastline is spectacular.


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