Mummy and Daddy

After rebranding all flying animals ducks and 4 legged animals a combination of woof and moo. Having done this for several months she has finally realised she has a “mummy” and “daddy”. This has only properly happened in the last few weeks and already she has started to use one of those words pretty much all the time. She can now point or give us an item prefixed by whether it is mummy or daddy’s.

This gives us chance to finally ask what she wants, do you want mummy or daddy to bath you? Do you want daddy to come downstairs and make breakfast. This usually ends in my favour with daddy coming second best to most questions and answers. I might as well enjoy this now while I can.

Now she can uses mummy and daddy it is sparking the do we use Rob and Emma or daddy and mummy? A few times she has called out “Emma” which seems wrong. We could actually have been wrong and she was calling out “Elmo”, which is very possible. So for now we are daddy and mummy.

It’s actually really nice when seeing her for the first time that day or coming home in the evening as you now get a hug and the cry of daddy as she runs to you. She seems to be able to use tone to express feeling. So you get a firm daddy tone when she sees you and extended daddddy when she is upset or angry about something.

She can now alert us to her peril. Having recently left mummy in charge for the night she awoke to muffled cries of “mummy, baby” repeated only to find Sofia had become wedged between the bed and the cot.

She also is starting to use the mummy and daddy thing to her advantage. If you don’t let her do something then there is usually a cry and then calls mummy to try and get her acceptance.

Bedtime is a good example of this. She typically by morning is in our bed at the moment. So come dawn you get a tap on the face and the words “daddy”. This is usually followed first by a gentle stroke of the face and rapidly increases in power to a firm slap or better still a 180 degree rotate of the body and a kick to the face. You never quite know what might happen. If daddy doesn’t wake up then the Russian roulette continues this time with the call of “mummy”. There is a great cat meme of a cat waking up it’s owner. This is exactly what it feels like.

All of this is balanced by the fact she genuinely wants to share and will happily give a cheerio or two to mummy and daddy if asked. She has also coupled greater speaking with affection and has started to kiss you hello and goodbye, as well as hug you spontaneously.

I better go,as I finish this I can hear our little love crying out daddy as she gets angry at mummy about something.


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