Today was a first snow day

Today was Sofia’s first snow day. We haven’t had snow for years where we live and not this much. A whole night of snow and although nothing compared to living in the wilds of the North Pole, it’s enough to stop traffic.

Sofia looked out the window and mumbled through her dummy something which sounded like “it’s white”. This will likely be disputed in years to come but there was no prompting and it would be her first mention of a colour. So it couldn’t have been a misinterpreted early morning gurgle.

Taking her outside, a bit of a mission of squeezing her in to a 6-12 month snowsuit. She wandered about sticking her tongue out and looking a bit bemused. This was the first of 3 visits to the garden as she started to redden those cheeks.

We live at the end of a road so we had the local kids out playing around the close. It continues to be a nice little community to live in. It gave a opportunity for Sofia to check out the neighbours snowmen.

Later, despite my better judgement we decided to take her to town. This also was also a demonstration of the first buggy fail from the Yo Yo as it failed to do much more than get stuck in the snow.

So with the roads improving we decided to drive. This was also the first fail for the BMW. Never park a rear wheel drive on ice on a slope. After a few goes to try and free it I slumped on the wheel of the car, defeated.

Two girls first tried to help push me free, while Em picked up some shopping, this grew to 4-5 people who eventually freed the car. Pretty embarrassing, especially after I’d said whoever went out for a drive in this weather was nuts. Sofia slept through all of this.

All of this meant we missed the Christmas tree festival in Hitchin. Maybe next year. That had the potential to end in chaos as she is already adept at trying to strip the tree in our lounge bare.

So there we go, our first day of snow. I also got to get out for run which is pretty enjoyable when you can get any pace and can admire the amazing white covered countryside. Much better than the slush and wet of the town.


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