Moving out

So we bid farewell to our daughter today, taking her on the obligatory trip to Ikea. I’m so proud of how she has turned out. She knows at least 10 words and can make a mean air and water stew.

It feels only like yesterday since she came in to our lives. She has grown up fast and developed a little personality, she is active, funny and a little bit nuts. She is also very intelligent and is good at matching basic shapes to holes and completing basic jigsaws. Her art through fuzzy felt is a particular style.

She is good around the house and although we don’t want her to be just a housewife she is very tidy and knows her way around the kitchen already. Any mess she makes then she is happy to clean up at least for a minute or so until distracted by CBeebies.

She is just about ready to move in to her own small bed and ditch the cot. So Ikea was a chance to try out those new beds. We are not sure she is ready yet but she is loving diving in to the bed, trampolining and running around the edge. This doesn’t scare Mum or Dad at all!?

She also is fast wanting to sit on her own chair and not the high chair. She is pretty much looking to eat and play without us. She even uses her own spoon and fork. She still likes taking things back to basics and eats with her hands when needed. Some London trendy food places are doing that.

It is amazing how young they think about leaving home now. As long as she has a few coats, bag and shoes on she is happy. It is important that she takes multiple coats out when leaving the house in case the fashion for the day changes. She has that model bitchiness if you tell her differently! She has attitude!

She is also an excellent little driver in her little car but also likes to scoot about on her little 3 wheeler scooter. People on the road should watch out though as she tends to demand you get out the way. She is rarely in the wrong.

So that is that, she can pretty much support herself! Amazing what this little one has learnt. At the start of the year she could just about crawl! It’s hard not to love spending time with this one even if by a Sunday night, when she goes to bed you feel like your weekend has only just begun.


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