Baby Zen Yo-Yo – One year on

So choosing your pram is like choosing your car. Do you choose a small economical number or a big brash statement vehicle. Do you go big brand, boutique or no name. Do you choose what everyone else has.

I am glad we brought a small compact, boutique (at the time) Baby Zen Yo-Yo. Despite its ridiculous name it does have a bit of Zen about it as you weave in and out of the tables in a cafe while the other bigger buggies need half the cafe removed or to leave it at the door. When you board a plane and everything else is going in the hold and they recognise the Yo-Yo and wave you through. There are a hundred other examples but it was a good buy.

It wasn’t certain. We started out thinking about big wheels to navigate hills and mud and the really rocky roads you drive down in suburbia. The Yo-Yo has been fine. It started out a little rocky. Our local town centre has cobbled roads which we avoided. Sofia’s little head being bounced along didn’t seem like the best introduction to life. The Yo-Yo otherwise has been fine navigating the hills of Amalfi. The only thing it can’t do is sand. For that it is light and easy to carry on the shoulder.

We thought about having one we could run with (once a week). I don’t think this was ever going to really happen. I’ve probably missed not being able to run with the buggy once while on Shared Parental Leave and maybe a parkrun weekend when Em and family are away.

It fits perfectly in the boot of a small car (not quite this one unless removing the driver) and doesn’t need the Range rover upgrade to carry it around. In fact I do think the size of your pram is directly proportional to the size of your car needed. Staying compact means the buggy and several bags can fit quite happily in a 1 series BMW with no bother.

So what’s it not been great for? Well we’ve said it doesn’t do sand but we are not there everyday. It doesn’t do big rocks so will be no good on those mountain hikes you all do. We did have some early decision arguments on this but decided we could always buy another one if we took up sand and rocks as full time weekend activities (we haven’t).

The more unique appeal of it has been lost as is now in the Daily Mail gossip columns being pushed around by various celebs. So is turning in to the equivalent of a Mini Cooper. It seems to have overtaken the Bugaboo as the small pram to have. I rarely see those these days which is weird considering they were everywhere when we started looking.

It is a pain to reconfigure, when going from baby looking at you to toddler looking at the world. It is a IKEA like effort to adjust to its new form. You only have to do this once though. So isn’t too bad. I am sure at one point that it will have a automatic opening system but for now one flick will open the buggy up from it’s closed frame.

I’m also not sure if it is improving my posture or breaking my back as the handle to push with often feels too low and could do with being higher. I don’t have back ache so presuming it’s ok. When carrying it we have broken the strap so it no longer goes on the shoulder but it is still light enough to carry like hand luggage.

So unless you have several babies or want to show off the size of your pram then look to the Zen Yo-Yo, even with its daft name it has been awesome. This one caters for the 80% of journeys and trips you will do and if you want to show off for the other 20% of journeys over mountains or just to impress with size then this isn’t for you.


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