Beep boop whoop

Our lifts at work are really bad. They may may turn up but this after you’ve waited, given up, walked upstairs and had a conversation with someone and then come back downstairs only to see the lift finally arrive. As it does so I let out a “beep” and then some random noise as the lift closes. This would usually have been a swear word but this time was baby speak.

I was always against speaking in baby talk. I didn’t want to end up having conversations in the office around how our “baby” has problems letting go of “dum dum”. However I am now walking around the office applying random noises to everyday things.

Things are possibly looking up though as she has started to repeat words we say. So recently we have had “banana” and “strawberry” and “spoon”. They rarely get repeated but it is the start of possibly making me look more sane around the office.

It’s scary what they pick up, recently after a day at the grandparents Sofia was talking about “Lexa” which could only be the result of interaction with Amazons latest voice assistant.

It can’t be long before we let slip a swear word or two which she quickly picks up and shares round nursery. I look forward to Nursery Meeting the Parents and having us explain how our daughter called one of the children a “ass”… “hole”. There is already a word she says which sounds not too dissimilar.

So at the moment as I pause and wait for another lift to another meeting I might not make I can only think that maybe I am regressing and Sofia is developing. My memory is getting worse, I remember only nursery rhymes and speak in a series of bleeps and whoos, the Twirly Woos and Justin’s House (and his many programmes) have a lot to answer for!


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