She knows more than she lets on

So good news is that she likes me again. It’s been a few months since my last post so things have changed. The dislike lasted a weekend but all is good now.  There is daddy love once more.  At the moment though we are holding one way conversations punctuated by some reaction and chat I don’t understand. There are words such as “dum”, “hot”, “yes”, “duck”, “woof”, “bye”, “no” (Usually through the shake of the head).  She does understand and reacts to being asked to do something, “Find Mummy”, “Bathtime”, “Find your…. shoes…. get coat”.  You wonder how much she does understand vs can speak.  I guess it is like learning another language as you always know more than you can say or react quickly too.

Breakfast or dinner comes with first pointing to her chair, then tv switched to CBeebies and she slouches our like she has a had a hard day at the nursery.  When I don’t understand her chat she looks at me, shrugs and turns away back to watch tv. I am not sure who is more frustrated with not understanding who. That morning or evening sit is the only time she really chills. The rest of the time she only has one mode, go! Go is another word actually.  This happens when not pushing her quickly enough in her pushchair.

Nursery is easier now. Leaving the house she knows she needs her coat, shoes and bag.  She will find each then sit calmly on your knee while you put them on.  She happily drops off her minion bag on her nursery hook and wanders in to the the Otters room (her playgroup room name) for another day of messy play and later purple poop after eating the foam and paint yet again.  If I am not dropping off then I might get a wave on my way to work.

Collecting her from nursery is a highlight of the day as she weaves her way across the room, happy to see you raising her arms for a hug and pick up. I think she is happy or just relived it is home and bed. She always looks knackered, like we do, permanently.  I actually quite enjoy that early finish or early start, it tempers me staying later for no real reason, few more emails, slides, working for works sake.  There is nothing that compare to her hugging you or resting her head on your shoulder when tired.

We are failing sleep wise. She has probably slept in her room for the whole night 3 in 7. The rest she cries and is in our bed for the night. She is asleep again in minutes, she knows what she is doing. I really want to convert her cot in to a bed.  It’s probably too early but she seems to grown up at times to be in a cot.  We wake, she wakes or is that the other way round.  When you get up she follows you in to the bathroom points at her toothbrush and puts her dummy on the toilet seat, if the lid isn’t down she points as well. She then proceeds to suck her toothbrush, I’ll get her to brush one day.

Skill wise she is always amazing, she is 100% mobile and starting to run a little.  She climbs, dives in to things.  We had her balancing on a scooter, where she is happy to balance and be pushed around.  Still loves to dance to music, seems to have learnt “Google” and “Alexa” which is the start to a music session.  Is interested in anything with a button or a switch, especially ones which say “emergency stop”.  The iPad button is no longer the first thing she tries to push realising this stops anything she is watching.  Given the amount of non-tech playing she does, the little she does on iPads and through seeing us using tech isn’t really a worry, yet, it’s not going to be long before she has an AI  tech friend rather than an imaginary one.

Wallets and bags are a thing also and she tries to be mummy carrying her bag around on her arm.  She is learning to draw and can.  It’s really all happening now and there is too much going on to write it all down.  Until a minute ago she was sat next to me on a adult chair playing at the table, then fell off, then cried, then got back on the chair, then fell off, then got back on.  She is fearless at times.

There are tantrums, I mentioned use of the word “No” and the shake of the head.   If she doesn’t want to do something she will go limp or tense up, stopping you getting her in the pram.  It’s more comedy than taxing so far.  She is still rubbish at staying still to get her nappy changed although at nursery she just lies there while they change her.  We need to up our game there, rather than chase her round the room hoping she isn’t going to let out an additional wee or worse.

It’s hard not to love everything about what is happening now.  It’s pretty tiring still and looking back over the last year it’s amazing everything that has happened.  So that’s it, bit of a what’s happened over the last few months development wise and a bit of me thinking Sofia is amazing.  Well she is.




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