Why is daddy in the bad books

The day started ok, a trip to standalone farm to watch daddy run a 10km and a opportunity to try out Sofias new wellies in the mud. Daddy logged his best time in a long time and Sofia seemed to love the mud and moon walking in her boots as she got used to them being so big. 

The afternoon turned sour. Daddy decided it would be nice to go for a walk to the park. Sofia seemed to agree and happily put on her Mac and pointed to the hook to take her bright yellow minion bag. 

“You don’t need that” daddy says. Opens the door and Sofia walks out. Tears.

“What’s up?” Daddy asks, Sofia goes back inside and points to the yellow bag. 

“Ok, let’s take it” daddy says, Sofia is happy again but only if she carry’s it.

Half way down the road she drops it and bursts in to tears. 

“Is it too heavy?” Daddy asks “maybe you can carry it like a backpack”. I put it on her back and she cries then falls backwards not used to the big bag on her back. 

Tears and more tears. Mummy’s friend is leaving so she is going to come out now also.  We walk out in to the fields near the house and let her walk. 

“Hold daddy’s hand” says daddy. Sofia shakes head. Walks off in the wrong direction. 

Picking Sofia up so we actually make the park she cries and tries to wriggle free and reaches for mummy. 

Mummy carries Sofia towards the park. She is tired so offer to take Sofia back. Sofia shakes her head and gives me the dirtiest of looks! 

What have I done? This pattern continued for the rest of the park outing. Even on the swings the only time Sofia smiled was when trying to kick me on the swings! She even shut the door on me when we got home.  It continued in to the evening and only improved at bath time.


She has over the last few weeks developed a toddler like attitude but this hasn’t really been turned against one person before and definitely not to me. It’s a bit hard getting that kind of reaction when before it has only been reactions of affection. Tears have happened but usually this has been much more passive and non targeted. 

It’s not all bad. The previous week had seen her starting to say goodbye as I go to work. This was preceded by a wet kiss, a open mouth, tongue ready to coat your face in slobber.  Then when getting home she’d run to you and ask to be picked up.  That I can handle, rejection is difficult. Is this something I have to get used to? 


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