Work to Nursery

We are on to another new pattern with Sofia as she starts to learn a new way of thinking around programs. It’s also time to try and get back in to a working day. I’ve only been back 4 weeks now. After being off 2 months it’s been a struggle to get back in to work but that may just be changing focus and a summer lull still pervading with many people being off. 

Sofia has started nursery full time, 4 days a week. She comes home a little zombie after a fun packed day which tends to involve messy play, trying to escape, several clothing changes and eating of double portions of food (at least she is getting her money’s worth). We get updates at the end of each day from the carers and through the app Tapestry. This also comes with a development framework on how she is progressing. The initial tears are starting to go away, there is still much anxiety at being left and she has developed a attachment to her dummy, this includes it being something she can point at and ask for “dum”. This seems to have replaced “Hodor” so at least our Game of Thrones fear can abate. She still loves opening and closing doors though. 

With nursery comes interaction and with interaction comes viruses. Already we’ve been struck down with cold and over bank holiday a nasty vomiting bug. We were always told the first 3 months would be full of illness. So it begins just as winters coming. Sofia so far hasn’t been sick but has definitely been under the weather.

 She has also been bitten in nursery twice. Something I didn’t expect to deal with. Em is definitely going to be more firm than me in these situations. I allow it to play out and see if it continues or who is to blame (the nursery didn’t see what happened) but Em was initially adamant that they should be separated. At least we weren’t the parents getting the letter about class behaviour and how not to become a Bolton.

I am working 5 days but have agreed with work to start looking at doing 10 in 9 days. All of this is another new routine. I’d just about adapted to no work, now it is not only work but is no longer a set pattern of same train each day. We have Drop off and pick up schedules to work with which means late or early starts. Getting in to work needs more time. There is a wall to overcome after being off and trying to find my feet again. I’d quite consider being a full time dad if money wasn’t a issue. Definitely less relaxed being at work, you can see from my Fitbit when I started back. 

The development framework at nursery is interesting. The App gives us a rating ongoing around a Leuven scale which looks in this case at well being and involvement shows how well she is settling in to nursery.  They rank her a 4 in most cases which is a good sign and makes going to work easier knowing she is ok. She also seems to be bonding with her carers. Although this breeds a level of jealousy that they get to to see her develop firsthand. 

She definitely is developing, according to my book bible The Wonder Weeks we are heralding the development of programs. A more complex pattern than sequences which was largely repetition. Programs become more goal orientated with problem solving involved to reach those goals. The complex programs we’ve learnt such as different methods of getting to work is much simpler for her and much of this learning to repeat things in different contexts, like trying to repeat how she drinks water by feeding her bear in the same way. She also learns to copy actions, cheers being one and also copies us cleaning our teeth. 

It also results in different outcomes, so likes and dislikes. Here be dragons as she rapidly develops towards being a toddler. If she doesn’t get her dummy she points and cries. She also gets annoyed if things get in her way, even they can move out of her way, jigsaw pieces annoy her if she stands on them. There is a certain Lannister foot stomp that I am hoping doesn’t turn out for the bad. She has northern roots after all so there is hope. 

There is lots more that has happened over the last 4 weeks so need to up the frequency of blogs, Sofia is babbling massively, dancing is a big thing, we’ve started biking via a WeeRide seat, visited the family down in Dorset and we now have visits from Ems mum every two weeks which has allowed some needed nights out. Anyway more to come…


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