She suddenly went toddler

So it’s 365 days and 1 day. She is now a toddler and all that comes with it the tantrum. They seem to have started on her first birthday or was it learning from the kids at nursery? Anyway what was a sweet no answer back baby now sounds like something akin to a screeching dinosaur (not that I know, only from Jurassic Park).

If we don’t give her what she wants she used to complain a little with this funny fake cry. It was all very endearing but this new sound has also been accompanied with a small foot stomp! I blame Em and her music choice of musical divas on Spotify and Grazie magazine. It could also be brought on by knowledge that her development is progressing ahead of average so can afford to be a little more demanding or that she has a big head as confirmed at our yearly development check. 

This is a new development and skill so needs logging. She has alongside this started to point. This is also good or bad depending on perspective. When hungry she now seems to point to food or something she wants. We haven’t turned this in to a interactive development yet and she refuses to point to objects pointed out by daddy or mum. I get the feeling of an only child syndrome coming on. 

In fairness we feel a bit sorry for her at the moment which placates some of this as she has what can only be described as a smokers cough and a raspy voice. This combined with the grumpiness is like watching Pat and Frank Butcher on Eastenders. It makes us laugh which somewhat makes up for the sleeping less as she hacks out another cough waking herself up. She might just have wanted to stay up for the 10000 metres last night and Mo. I forgot and went to bed at 8.40 to try and get her to go to sleep. We have a parkrun today now as penalty for missing it.  

Any tips for dealing with tantrums?! Note her naughty step is actually somewhere she likes to go at the minute to gather thoughts and is still one of my favourite spots.



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