OMG Sofia is 1

It doesn’t feel like a year ago at nearly midnight little Sofia was born. As her birthday plays out we recount the random day that led to her birth. She’s also introduced to the concept of birthdays and lots of new toys. It’s difficult to imagine a time without this little one. 

I can’t do a recap of the year in words. So here is a photo montage of the year. Looking at the photos there are already so many memories. 

Her birthday gave me chance to get down with the kids and to try out the Instagram stories. We gave her a animal trip out to Woburn safari, managing to avoid the monkeys and her mums fear of being eaten by lions if we had the window open even a little. 

We also got the NCT crew together for a joint birthday hiring a local hall for a few hours with softplay and cake.  To think most of these little ones are off to nursery and parents back to work. They are all growing up too quickly. 


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