Nursery, was it always like this? 

So she has started her settling in sessions at nursery. She wandered in through the door without looking back and was off playing. I thought the settling in sessions were for her not me. Where was the crying and the cry of “daddy”. She doesn’t care! Actually it is probably a good thing really. I get to sit on a bench in the hall while she is settling in. I am not allowed to leave in case she stops having fun. 

Nursery I am sure was never like this when I was young. We have a App, Tapestry, which will be used to send us notifications on progress and the day.  She is in a vertical aged class, this is apparently better for development if in a class with older children rather than kids all the same age, promotes development, interaction and independence.  They are encouraged to learn through discovery and have a host of activities that they can play with. My only memories were slides and lego. Not a bad place to start.

Food is freshly cooked via ingredients from Ocado, it’s all organic, she gets a hot meal at lunch that wouldn’t look out of place in a good Restaurant, we get a Facebook post of her menu for the week which leaves you salivating. She also has afternoon tea with a selection of sandwiches. I feel like I am missing out. They get beds for naps and a good ratio of teacher coaching and support. 
There is a outdoor area and softplay when raining.  At 3 you start to learn French (the nursery is French owned). There are sandpits, messy play, toys and books to play with. It’s interesting that there is little in the way of gadgets, few iPads and computer play things for this technical age. Is this a good thing? I am not sure but as long as lego survives then it works for me. 

You pay for this of course. We get charged for taking her on holiday, if she is sick (we have to take a day also), the cost is actually more than our mortgage each month. You can see why Labour made a play for improved support for working families and cheaper childcare. We have been signed up for vouchers and are joining the new tax credit scheme now Em is back at work. It’s not until 3 that we start to get free childcare and by then we will be bankrupt. That’s before we start saving for university and general start out in life. You can use this useful Gov website to work out how much support you can get from the government 

So we start now with settling in sessions x5, all 1 hour and then she jumps straight into a full day. This is a bit surprising but I am luckily off for another week while she is at nursery so hopefully it will all be fine when she starts full time but if not then I will be around. 

Although she is developing at a rapid pace this ushers in a new phase for mum and dad. My work diary is already starting to take shape for when I am back with nursery pick up and drops all part of the routine. My routine of always on the 6.43 will now be a mixed early and late train. We will need to be up and have fed her in time for nursery.  I am going to be that person in the meeting checking their watch and making excuses to leave on time, excellent. We have some grandparent support also which will help. 

There is also a question of what this means for going out. We are both at work and both need to be back reasonably on time. Whether either of us will be having nights out depends on our ability to survive this new schedule. I am sure it’s possible, we are not the only parents doing this but is all new for us. 

So my time on the bench is coming to a end and it is time to take her away from her play and reacquaint with dad. Hopefully she has missed me but equally I hope she hasn’t. 


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