Hartbeeps is over, long live nursery

Ting goes the triangle for the final time,

This is hand one, this is hand two, give your baby a big hug…

So Hartbeeps may well be over, Em has being going for a lot longer than me. I attended one before Shared Parental leave and then have done a full class while being a full time parent (I almost said while not working). Taking her the last time felt like a milestone in her short life, like leaving school or university and as a parent feeling proud as she the class finishes and she walks straight out towards soft play. It’s like leaving home.

This sounds over dramatic but it is a key point in Shared Parental Leave. I have two weeks left now and the focus switches to nursery and then back to work, argh! 2 months ago I couldn’t imagine being at home all day, now I can’t imagine a day at work in meetings or emailing all day (creative my job is not). There are lots of things to think about there but that is for another day. 

Hartbeeps is awesome, if you haven’t been then go. Get the right teacher and location and it’s good fun. I’ve actually enjoyed it as much as her and now know all the songs and have dressed up in countless Sofia rejects from an explorer, or space frog to a disco dancer. I think she has enjoyed the class, she sits transfixed to the teacher, for approximately 60 seconds and now she can walk is off trying to open the box of props for this weeks event. 

She is probably the most animated in the class. She wanders round the other babies taking their toy stars and handing them her rejected toys,  stealing shoes, she loves bubbles and the lights, what babies don’t. You can guarantee you will get a good afternoon nap from her after being here. But it’s over, it’s over for me, no longer can I completely switch off to the outside world and enjoy a verse of twinkle star with light show. They really need a adult Hartbeeps but I guess that is yoga or circuits.

So now it is all about nursery.


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