Children’s Television

I don’t think I’ve watched normal television during the day for the last month. With everything going on in the world this is probably a good thing. I didn’t think I’d enjoy watching children’s TV but it definitely has a calming effect in a world gone mad.  I’ve tried explain the joys of children’s tv to people with no kids only to get looks of madness and becoming a bit weird while not working. 

So what is the schedule, it is pretty much as follows:

  • Raa raa the Noisy Lion
  • Teletubbies
  • Bing
  • Postman Pat
  • Dougee
  • Go Jetters (double bill)
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Octonauts 
  • Justin’s House (and Mr Tumble which follows at points during the day)

After this it is a bit dependent on whether Sofia is still awake.  Most stuff is repeated in some form throughout the day. Of course In the Night Garden finishes the day but everyone knows about that. This is also during Sofia’s bath time at the moment.

We thought long and hard about how much she watches but then gave in and she watches a random selection during the day all from CBeebies. We couldn’t get her to sleep and she watched Love Island with us and was a little too entertained by it. So there are limits. Don’t want her turning out with her mums celeb knowledge.

It all started with a accidental viewing of Elmo on YouTube and then developed on to Furchester Hotel which is a CBeebies version of the muppets set in a hotel, again with Elmo and some interesting characters such as Mr Harvey P Dull. You have to wonder in a Bart Simpson manner about this name said in full. It has some classic characters in it though including Elmo and also Cookie Monster! From there TV has expanded in to the full early morning of CBeebies. 

It’s interesting how TV has changed over the years. Teletubbies is pretty consistently annoying but they now seem to have children. I am not going to ask about that. Postman Pat is now on a zero hour contract delivering parcels as part of a special delivery service. He seems to be benefiting from a monopoly of the island but given his delivery track record you’d be slightly worried about employing him. They all know he is always late. 

Talking of TV monopoly; I am bit unsure of Mr Tumble but I am suspicious of all clowns. He is a bit freaky if you ask me and his TV monopoly makes me think he will be seen vying to be the next prime minister. As labour is doing, go for the young vote. Both Justin and Mr Tumble (funny that you never see them together) are on throughout the day and she is obsessed by him already. In fairness Justin’s house has grown on me over time. Mainly as it helps both me and her sleep.  In fairness he does seem to do a lot with disabilities and has a lot of signing and a variety of children from different backgrounds on. 

There are some rules, every programme as Em pointed out has a doctor or specialist to advise them. Everything seems to have a moral, skill development or something around imagination. All presenters must wear Converse trainers. BBC is missing out on some great sponsorship. I am also confused as they have a limited set of presenters who seem to be on 24/7. They are either following Postman Pats example or pre-record. 

There are favourites, Go Jetters is a educational journey around the world as they save to world from GrandMaster Glitch, a mix of villain, idiot and polluter. They travel much of the globe supported by 3 funky facts and a souvenir selfie. Sofia loves this and drops what she is doing around the house for a theme tune dance. Octonaughts is pretty similar but about animals rather than places.

Bing is a tale of simple morals and how to play together. Initially felt fairly calming but can get annoying, it’s a odd show without parents, just strange toy carers. It also has a Panda that likes to lose his trousers at every opportunity and Bing who after a while gets fairly whiny. I still like it. 

Peter Rabbit is a bit more old school traditional story telling and isn’t as moralistic but is more about the friendship of the 3 rabbits and then surviving in a bigger world.

 I can go on and actually it is nice retreating to this simple TV in the face of Brexit, elections and world wars and disasters. She has plenty of time to learn about that as she grows older. I do try and splice in some Wimbledon tennis or sporting event when I can. 

So this is TV life but we try and get out more than we stay in. It helps me stay sane as well as letting her explore the world. Life isn’t about tv.  Now she has started walking it is more interesting to see where she goes once let out of her pushchair. 


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  1. I had to Google about the tellytubbies children when I first saw them. I was so confused as to where they came from, I’m still not really sure and I dread to think about it in too much detail!
    CBeebies is the staple in ours too, I was having the same discussion with a friend yesterday about why I’d rather lose a little sanity by knowing every word to Mr Tumbles goodbye song, than fill my poor baby’s mind with wartorn countries and politicians insulting each other!


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